Falcon PayTech goal is to provide innovative, efficient solutions & trustworthy services in the self-serving and E-Payments segments. Falcon PayTech aims to present consolidated expertise of highly qualified experts by providing the best product according to good understanding of the current and future needs of the Egyptian Market.

Falcon PayTech portfolio is diversified. The business segments.

Self-Serving Kiosks
Falcon PayTech Offers a variety of Self-Serving Kiosks and Interactive ATMs like Sim-dispensing kiosks, Payment Kiosks, Document handling kiosks, Ticketing kiosks, and many other types Automated kiosk solutions can make in-person transactions faster and easier for a lot of governmental services.

As a means of achieving the government’s goal of financial inclusion, Falcon PayTech is providing Payment Applications, Solutions, and Services for all market segments either banking or non-banking sectors including mobile operators. We provide KYC Solutions as well as FMCGs Solutions for all delivery channels. Falcon PayTech also is launching its own Merchant Aggregator in the Egyptian market.

Smart Transport
Falcon PayTech provides Solutions for Managing & Operating transportation fleets, TVM & online booking services. We provide our solutions for Governmental, Private Transportation fleets, Private Compounds, Universities & Schools.