Falcon tech is a subsidiary that's specialized in technical and engineering solutions & services; Falcon has a team of highly trained and qualified engineers that are specialized in designing technical & security systems. And given the sensitive nature of the service, Falcon only hires experienced professional and insists on extensive training & educational courses before fresh graduate engineers are hired and put on the job.

Falcon cares about giving its employees the best training experience, which is why we invest in providing our employees the best training experience, which is why we invest in sending our employees abroad to receive further training opportunities, in addition to facilitating coordination with manufacturers, so Falcon can become their official retailer in Egypt and the Middle East. Falcon for technical & security systems have collaborated with many leading manufacturing companies from around the world and is now the main retailer for many big brands in the industry.

The philosophy of the company guarantees the best retail services for these manufacturers, guaranteeing the best confidential deals as well as the best after-sales service.

Our Security Services Include But Are Not Limited To The Following:
  • Surveillance Cameras (Including All Their Types) And Recording Units
  • Personal Security
  • Gates And Metal Detectors
  • Bag Detecting Devices With X-Rays
  • Industrial Safety
  • Control - Entry Devices And Anti-Knocking Devices
  • Explosive Detectors
  • Biometric Control Devices (Facial – Hand - Iris Recognition)
  • Break-In Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Maintenance And Installment Services Of Electric Security Devices.